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Options for CPR Certification from the American Red Cross

Tony DiTucci

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A licensed real estate professional, Tony DiTucci heads DGA Builders in Pittsford, New York. As vice president, he uses his more than two decades of experience in handling construction and housing projects. Apart from his real estate certification, Tony DiTucci also possesses a CPR certification from the American Red Cross.

Gaining the knowledge and ability to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation may take time, but it may help change one person's life forever. The American Red Cross provides CPR courses, training, and certification tailored for ordinary adults, children, and healthcare professionals. Getting Red Cross certification qualifies someone to assist in cardiac and breathing emergencies.
The OSHA compliant CPR certification courses offered by the Red Cross are instructed by experts and made available in different class settings - in person, online, or through simulation learning.
Taught by experienced instructors, the in-person class setting features lessons that add to hands-on skills sessions. This course option fits those who are interested in a traditional classroom setting where students have enough time to ask, to apply techniques, and to witness an actual demonstration.
Through virtual instruction, the online course provides a self-paced system. The lessons involve understanding and knowing how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies. This course option may not offer workplace safety certification, however, since demonstrating one’s proficiency to an authorized instructor is not possible.
Simulation learning combines the in-person and online classes. This course option seeks to give enough time to the learner to study according to his or her schedule. At the same time, he or she can get a proficiency certification after demonstrating his or her skills to a licensed instructor.
The American Red Cross also offers recertification to certificate holders and medical professionals.